How to Preserve LV Bags?

It is no doubt that LV is the emblem of luxury in fashion community and innumerable women all over the world go after products in well-known brands with great enthusiasm. When it comes to LV, people often immediately think about LV bags which are elegant, simple and faddish. As a kind of luxurious item, LV bag absolutely costs much. Therefore, maintenance of the expensive product is quite important.

Like other kinds of bags with genuine leather, LV bags could also share the same tips of maintenance as follows. First, they have to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in leather care shops on a regular time schedule. Second, as LV bags suffer from moist or mildew, we can clean them by soft and dry cloth. Third, LV bags ought to be hung if set aside. Fourth, all accessories should be kept in perfect condition. Apart from what mentioned above, LV bags need more maintenance. Generally speaking, LV bags in light honey color could display perfect appearance, which can be realized by sunshine in a proper way. As we lay LV bags under the Sun, we can just expose the leather part. It is worth noting that we’d better cover other parts of LV bags when laying them under the sunshine. Otherwise, the elegant and luxurious bags will be out of shape. In addition, it is absolutely wrong to cover bags by newspaper of which the ink will stain beautiful bags.

While the LV bag is enjoying sunshine, we have to turn it over from time to time so as to accelerate discoloration. After the good drying, people can use white and clean cloth to wipe the bag so that tiny holes of the bag will promptly minify.

As we understand tips to preserve louis vuitton bags, we also have to know how to prevent them being damaged. LV bags can not be touched water as well as items with ink. Friction should not occur between LV bags and jeans and we should put LV bags away from hot objects, for example, heater.

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